15 schools in Bengaluru due to bomb threat received via mail.

The police were informed immediately and have been combing through the schools for any potential threats.

15 educational institutions in Bengaluru were targeted with bomb threats on Friday morning, as per the police. The threatening email asserted the presence of explosives on the school premises.

The police were promptly informed and have commenced searching the schools for any potentially dangerous items. Bomb disposal teams have been sent to all the schools that received the bomb threat, including those located in Whitefield, Koremangala, Basveshnagar, Yalahanka, and Sadashivanagar.

Bengaluru Bomb Blast
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Latest updates on bomb threats in Bengaluru city.

According to news agency PTI, a senior police officer stated that there was an email stating that explosives had been placed on school grounds. Upon receiving a call from the command center, our teams were promptly dispatched to various schools across the city. Ensuring the safety of all students and staff, they were successfully evacuated from the premises. Currently, a comprehensive search operation is underway.

The advisory stated that there is an unforeseen circumstance occurring at school today. The school has received a security threat from unidentified origins. In order to prioritize the safety of our children, we have made the decision to promptly dismiss the students.

Police said that last year, there were seven schools in Bengaluru that received fake bomb threats, but it was later determined to be a hoax.

Karnataka Home Minister Dr G Parameshwara emphasized the urgency of the situation, revealing that 15 schools have received threatening emails. This is not the first time such threats have been reported, as similar incidents occurred last year. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, we are leaving no stone unturned in thoroughly inspecting the schools and implementing all necessary precautionary measures.

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  • Bengaluru: Crime branch thwarts plot of serial bomb blasts; 5 arrested with guns and materials for making explosives.

Five individuals suspected of terrorism have been apprehended in Bengaluru. Authorities discovered a significant stockpile of explosives and firearms in their possession. Their intentions were to carry out a major conspiracy, which potentially involved a devastating explosion within the city.

Five terror suspects were apprehended by the Central Crime Branch on Wednesday in Bengaluru. The suspects were found in possession of a significant amount of explosives and firearms, such as pistols, live cartridges, and materials used for making explosives. The arrest took place near a place of worship in the Kanakanagar area of Sultanpalya locality, where the suspects were allegedly planning a major conspiracy.

B Dayananda, the Police Commissioner of Bengaluru, announced that CCB has successfully located the individuals responsible for planning acts of vandalism in the city. Five suspects have been apprehended, and a variety of weapons, including seven pistols, live ammunition, a walkie-talkie, and other items, were seized from them. According to Dayananda, one of the absconding suspects provided these weapons to those who were arrested to carry out subversive activities.

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) in Karnataka has apprehended five individuals believed to be involved in terrorism. The suspects, who go by the names of Syed Suhel, Umar, Janid, Mudasir, and Zahid, were allegedly planning to carry out an explosion in Bengaluru. Additionally, all five individuals were charged in connection with a murder case from 2017.

The individuals believed to be involved in a potential bombing in Bengaluru have been named as Syed Suhel, Umar, Janid, Mudasir, and Zahid.

The terrorists came into contact with the five suspects who were among the 21 individuals arrested in connection with a 2017 murder case and were incarcerated at Parappana Agrahara Central Jail.

The 5 suspected terrorists had 4 walkie-talkies, 7 country-made pistols, 42 live bullets, 2 daggers, 2 satellite phones, and 4 grenades seized by the police.

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