Upcoming Honor Series Launches – Full Specs & Features Reviews

Digital Chat Station, a renowned tipster, has recently disclosed fresh details regarding the HONOR Magic 6 series. According to the tipster, the Magic6 Pro will be equipped with a 160MP periscope camera, deviating from the initial plan of a 200MP module.

The HONOR Magic6 Pro now features a periscope camera with an impressive 160MP resolution.

The informant claims that it initially contemplated a 200MP alternative, but ultimately opted for a 160MP camera. Additionally, they reaffirmed that the Magic6 series will feature the OmniVision OV50K primary camera sensor.

OmniVision’s upcoming sensor is not actually a 1-inch camera sensor as initially reported, but rather a 1/1.3-inch camera sensor. This size is similar to the 200MP camera sensor used in the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The LOFIC technology, which stands for lateral overflow integration capacitor-based CMOS, will enhance the performance of the OmniVision OV50K. This will result in a stacked sensor, which is similar to Sony’s LYTIA sensors.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 will power the Magic6 Pro. Similar to its predecessor, this phone will come with high-end specifications. The camera experience will be a major highlight of this device.

Honor 5g

The devices are likely coming to global markets in Q1 2024

The HONOR Magic5 series was introduced in late February this year. Assuming its follows its usual release schedule, it is likely that these phones will be announced globally in the first quarter of 2024.

The HONOR Magic6 series is set to be released globally, just like its predecessors. The exact number of phones that it will launch is uncertain, but four Magic5 phones were released, although not all of them were available in global markets.

The Series Magic5, Magic5 Lite, Magic5 Pro, and Magic5 Ultimate are the four devices under scrutiny. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to review the series Magic5 Pro, which was an impressive smartphone. It will be intriguing to witness how intends to enhance it.

HONOR considers foldables as the “next generation of smartphone devices”.

Magic V2 recently attended the Fortune Global Forum 2023 in Abu Dhabi, where they focused on the future of smartphone devices. HONOR firmly believes that foldables are the way forward.

HONOR is convinced that foldable smartphones are the way forward for mobile devices.

Magic V2 recently stated that foldables are on the verge of “reaching the tipping point”. The company also drew a comparison between foldables in the smartphone industry and electric vehicles in the auto industry. A parallel was made.

Recently, Counterpoint Research published a report that caught HONOR’s attention.It utilized the report’s findings to support their argument. According to the report, over 64% of users who own high-end smartphones are open to switching to foldable smartphones.

HONOR has recently achieved a significant milestone by manufacturing 1 million foldables from its factory.

The HONOR Magic V2 has been recognized by the company as the top-selling foldable smartphone in China. It has successfully captured a remarkable 25% share of the foldable smartphone market, making it a standout performer. This information is derived from Omdia’s report.

Honor 5g

The global release of the HONOR Magic V2 is just around the corner.

Take note that the HONOR Magic V2 will soon be available in global markets. The phone was showcased at IFA in Berlin last September, but HONOR needs some time to get it ready for international release.

Magic V2 reported a remarkable sales growth of almost 200% in international markets this year. Notably, HONOR was the sole top-five brand to achieve YoY growth in Europe from Q3 2022 to Q3 2023.

Magic V2 , just to remind you, separated from Huawei three years ago when it was sold off. Unlike Huawei, HONOR remains unaffected by the US ban. Interestingly, the company has thrived during this period.

The global release of the Magic V2 is imminent, as previously stated. Additionally, the HONOR Magic6 flagship line is also on its way.

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